Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 2

All right guys lets get started!
Today we will be starting with a light 2 mile jog, just go at a steady pace you can keep up for the whole run.

After the jog do 400 squats in sets of 50

1 minute break

Next we will be doing 45 seconds of skip lounges, this is where you bring one knee to the ground, then jump back up and again on the other knee.

In between the 45 second rounds take a 30 second break.

Finish the workout with a burnout set working the abs.
Do- 10 crunchs
       10 sit ups
       10 leg lifts
       10 left side crunches
       10 right side crunches
       20 bicycle crunches
       10 triangle lifts (throw your hip up making a triangle by folding one leg over the other)
30 second Break, then repeat 2 more times


  1. I started my day with an intense sitting and drinking coffee. I need to get on the exercise train. :b